Dynamically set table label via variable

I’m trying to set the label for a column in a table using a variable. While this works for the “default” value provided for a variable, the table label does not seem to be reactive when the variable value is changed (for example using an input field).


Is this by design and what I want is not possible to achieve or is this something that might be considered for change?

Additional question: Would there be a way to trigger a “re-render” of the table columns from a custom component to use the latest values of a given variable?

As far as I know, it is by design currently that Table Labels are not reactive. But will take it with me to Product Management, so we can improve here once we focus on this area. Then this should be defenietly also be reactive and suitable to your use case.

Hey Johncy, or @peter.ziewer :slight_smile: are the data tables reactive yet? Any chance i can even dynamically load a data source based upon a filter element ?

There were no changes on tables recently.
@tim.br please add this to the Living Prio list

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@peter.ziewer has been done

We have tested this and it works!
for us: