Dynamic column headers

Hi all,

In an app’s table header, I am currently trying to include dates as dynamic table headers, as the dates would be updated daily.

This is the desired appearance that I would like to have, with the dates appearing within the table headers, or just above them (i.e., the dates should be static table headers and not be embedded as table content).

However, as of now I have not found any way to have dynamic table headers without having to re-define the table header name daily.

So far, I just managed to add the dates as a separate content row which is shown just underneath the table header:

Is there any workaround or way to embed dynamic dates in a table header?

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Hey Daniele,

what we use in our project is a workaround using a predefined variable.

We hard-coded all values until end of year 2022.
This is easily possible due to the fact, that we are on a monthly basis.

So our column name is called forecast_plus_1, forecast_plus_2, …
And we have a column called forecast_month with a timestamp
In the app we have a single select filter on forecast_month and based on this value we show the corresponding column names.

Definition of variable:

And for the column headers, we set the values like here:

"name": "forecast_plus_1",
"$label": {
"value": " FC  {{forecast_month_variable | lookupByVar?var=filters.project_overview_forecast_month_filter_element.fc_month.values | lookup?path=16}}"

Thank you. Well, in our case this means that we ought to hard-code 365 days of the year? I am not quite sure this is a practicable solution for our use case @daniel.kempter @laura.luckert