Download table as excel with multiple worksheets - how to format JSON?

Hi Dear App Builders!

I’ currently trying to download a data table as excel-file. Besides the data table itself, I also specified several additional worksheets to be downloaded as well. The download itself is working, however the formatting of the worksheets in Excel is off. The single column values are inserted diagonally instead of horizontally side by side per row. I’ve included some sample JSON of a worksheet and the corresponding visualization in excel:

Does anybody know how to solve this using the App JSON (I have already implemented a workaround in excel, however a solution in Apps is preferred :wink: )

Any input is greatly appreciated!

Hi @laetitia.frost,
can you try to put the values that should go into the same row in a single entry of the data property, like this:

"data": [
    "Col1": 1,
    "Col2": 2
    "Col1": 3,
    "Col2": 4

Thanks, it works perfectly this way!