Download Excel or CSV with Comma Decimal Separator

Hello fellow App Builders,

I would like to download an excel file with Doubles separated by a comma instead of a dot, i.e. the German not the English way of writing it. From the Documentation it looks like there is no config for that in an excel download but if someone has an idea that would be great.

I also checked if it is possible for CSV files (which it should). However, with the following config in my table element it still does not work:

"config": {
    "title": "My Csv",
    "columnMinWidth": "120px",
    "dataLabels": false,
    "download": {
      "fileName": "My Csv",
      "full": true,
      "type": "csv",
      "csv": {
        "numberFormat": "DE",
        "delimiterToken": ";",
        "charset": "UTF_8"
    "variablesToSet": [
    "columns": [
    "valueMapping": [

Am I missing something or is the numberFormat property not working?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Excel will detect the datatype itself depending on the user system settings.
  2. CSV Download works, just make sure you explicitly cast the data types in your table.