Download Chart as PNG

Dear App Builders,

is it possible to download a chart in Apps as a PNG or JPEG?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Melchior,
the config which highcharts would need is

  "exporting": {
      "enabled": true

Unfortunatelly currently the mandatory module โ€œmodules/exportingโ€ for that is not available within Apps.

I will take it into cosideration to offer the use of this module in the future of course based on your input.

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Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

One addition.
Those are the currently available modules. We have to take into consideration the licensing of highcharts and its usage within ONE DATA Apps here as well to give you one reason why maybe some desirables ones are missing so far. But as I stated before we of course want to enhance in the future if appropriate.

@johannesheininger do you know if there are any updates on this? Is the module available by now?

Unfortunatelly I have no knowledge about this topic anymore as I am not working with Apps anymore, so i am not up-to-date here.

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