Does DPU update UUIDs in workflow-variables?

Dear community,
according to DPU documentation UUIDs inside a resource, that references other resources are updated.
I have the case, that I have a workflow, where I store the function-id as variable.

Will this be updated accordingly?
Thanks for your help

@christoph.pernul I think currently the function-id will not be updated due to (really only holds for function-ids though and can be circumvented by running DPU twice - at least in our user case).


DPU updates one resource type after the other and workflows come before functions. During the update of workflows the new function IDs are unknown because the entire processing of functions lies in the future.

The order in which resource types are processed is the following: keys, connections, data tables, workflows, production lines, functions, schedules, apps.

This order is based on the assumption that resources of types that come later use resources of earlier types but not the other way around. For function IDs in workflows that is not the case, that is why it works when you update it twice.

We are still evaluating a fix.

Thanks for your detailed answers, this explains very well what is happening here. I did not know that the order is important.

One more question I have:
Are UUIDs also replaced when they are hardcoded in Custom-Input-Tables or in some other processors?
So basically, does DPU replace any UUID, that it can resolve successfully, irrespective from the location it appears in the workflow json-representation?

Someone from the A-Team could probably give you a better answer (@Aleksandra?) but as far as I know UUIDs are replaced in workflows but only in certain processors like Custom Input Tables.