Did data type parsing change for csv upload - data-upload-form-del-219 - Version 0.2.5

We are using the excel upload feature ( data-upload-form-del-219) - Version 0.2.5
If I remember correctly, in a previous version all uploaded columns had type string. Now it seems, that ONE DATA automatically detects the column types. For our use case this is problematically because ONE DATA converts a string column to numeric.
Would it be possible to add an option that allows to keep all columns as string?
Or am I getting here something completely wrong?
Thank you for your support

The type conversion usually happens on ONE DATA side (so not within the custom component, the CC uploads the CSV as JSON without any type information) - is it possible that you changed the upload format in the CC-config?

If I remember correctly the data can be uploaded as CSV (perhaps no type conversion applied by ONE DATA) and PARQUET (I guess ONE DATA would try to guess types here). Never checked this, but this would be the place where I would start searching :slight_smile:

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Thank you @christoph.schober
i did not change anything in the config, because of this I was wondering why the type conversion did place. Maybe something in the config of the CC changed so that per default Parquet is used now.

It works using storage type CSV.
Furthermore it´s possible to set this as default value and hide the option for the user:

"storageType": {
"value": "CSV",
"isHidden": true

So problem solved, thank you very much!

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