Dialog Editor for SQL not working

Hey App Builders,
i currently have an App were Dialog Editors for any SQL are not working → Infinite Loading.
I noticed that the Dialog Editor always uses SQL even though the source is a POSTGRESQL Table.
The console gives following Error Message:

Do you have an idea how to solve this issue? I get this error on the SEC Instance.
The App is working fine on a Biontech instance.

Elements which use DataSources where any POSTGRESQL specific SQL terms are used will not show any data although the DataSource is actually stored as PostGreSQL.
When no PostGreSQL specific SQL Terms are used, Data is shown.

Sounds like an instance specific issue/bug. Hence, I suggest raise on ODIM incident ticket :point_up:

So the answer is:
If there is only on partial for a Datasource which is wrong, every Data Connection is not interpreted correctly.