Determination of First Page Shown when an App Loads

Dear builders,

what determines the first page that is shown on app-load?
Yesterday I added a new “landing page” before the former “first page”, but no matter what I try - after entering the app (in builder, loader, new chrome, …) I always start at the now second entry of the navigation elements.

The order of “navigation” entries does not define the first page that is shown, this happens by the order of the “page”-entries.

So “first page shown after app load” is the first page in “pages”, while navigation just highlights whatever is the current page.


To add up on the topic: the ordering of elements in the overall App JSON does have influence on other parts, too.
So if you’re facing problems concerning the ordering, try considering everything that might be related to the overall order of the elements :slight_smile:

As an example, if you want to enable a “tabbing through” form elements (with the TAB key), it is important to have the correct order not of the elements themselves, but the containers that the form elements are going to be placed in.