Deletion of projects

Dear OD-Community,

I tried to delete a project as Admin and with SuperAdmin via the ONE DATA Core Backend user interface in Project settings.
With both users it failed and the UI gave me no comments, why it failed.
So the project is still available.
Any hints what other options are to delete a project as an End-User?

Thanks there

Hi Martin,

Could you please open Chrome DevTools (F12), go to the console and try deleting the project again to see if you get a message about why this doesn’t work?

From my experience I can tell that the project deletion fails if there are resources that other resources depend on, for example a workflow that is scheduled or a datatable that is the source for a Virtual Data Table. You need to delete these resources “by hand” and then the project deletion should work.

Thanks Magdalena and Pedro for assistance,

I assume I have a dependency on an Connection/Credential. Unfortunately I can’t delete the Credential as I removed first the connection and now the toast message tells me that I had to remove first the credentials from the connection (which i already deleted) before I can delete the credential. Wrong order…