Define App initial's coloring in App viewer

again a question concerning the icons on the App viewer landing page:
In case there is no image defined as app icon, the app viewer auto-generates an icon made from the initials of the app’s name. The color of these initials is automatically assigned to some shade of green. Is it possible to define these colors, or do I have to mock the initials as an image to get this behavior?
Thanks in advance for any help!

Hello Matthias,

its currently not possible to define colors for the default “App Viewer Icon” the only way you can archive this at the moment is like you said: Mock it and set it as an icon in your App.
I will note this down and talk with our Product Management about this idea.

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We are about to introduce to apply the backgroundColor config also at the state without imageSource.
So the color (rgb, hex or word) will be used as background for the “two letter” representation (see screenshot) and not just at image background as before/currently.
Do think this adresses your need partly or fully?
Would love to hear your feedback.

@johannesheininger This is a very neat and concise solution, which would solve our needs in great parts!