Default column width in Apps

Dear community,
does anyone know if there is a way to define the default column width for a table in an app? Or whether there is the possibility to set maxColumnWidth?
My use case is that I cannot specify the columns of a table (because I don’t know which ones will be there in advance) and therefore I cannot set a fixed width. By default, most of the columns are a lot wider than they would need to be and therefore the table becomes horizontally scrollable.
In the screenshot you can see that except for the first two columns, all columns are a lot wider than they would have to be.

You should be able to define a table-wide minimum width with

"columnMinWidth": "100px"


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Thanks for the answer! However this will not help me control the maximum width, right? I actually tried that property just to be sure but it didn’t change anything about the view.

What worked for me was defining the width of the columns that I do know before-hand and letting the rest be auto-adjusted (

A width can be set in px or %. Otherwise, widths will be distributed among all columns that don’t have a width set.

But how would you tell your app to show the rest of the columns? I thought as soon as you define 1 or more columns, the app won’t show all columns anymore but only the ones you defined?