Deactivate Navigation Cell based on content of column used


I have a bunch of rows in a table, and I would like to deactivate the Navigation Cell for some of them, based on the content of the column used for the “Navigation Cell” custom componen (let’s call it “go_to”)

How can I deactivate the Navigation Cell custom component for some of the rows in my table, but still leave it as working for other rows? Is it possible to set any value in the “go_to” column, so that the Navigation Cell does not appear for those rows, or at least it’s not clickable?

I have tried to set the corresponding entry in the “go_to” column, where I’d like to deactivate the Navigation Cell, to empty or NULL, but this didn’t help. The Navigation Cell still appears for all rows, no matter what I set as content of “go_to”.

Current state:

Desired state:

After consultation with @tobias.ziegler , we found out that this is currently not possible with the current version of the “Navigation Cell” Custom Component. Either you activate the NavigationCell Custom Component on all cells, or you deactivate on all cells of a table.

Hi Daniele, we found a rather hacky solution using css:
the action buttons are numbered. So using a data source that creates a css selector for the rows that should not show the icons based on row numbers, and using the result in the css can hide the action buttons that should not be shown

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