Custom Toast Messages with Functions

Hey there,
I’m trying to send customized toast messages from a Function to my App.

I was able to send a success message with the following settings in Function:

message = {
‘messages’: {
‘headline’: ‘Positive Headline’,
‘message’: ‘Everything went fine’,
‘type’: ‘SUCCESS’
return message

and this settings in the App Button Element:

“showSpecificErrorMessages”: true,
“messages”: {
“success”: {
“headline”: “messages.headline”,
“messagePath”: “messages.message”
“error”: {
“headline”: “Error Appeared”,
“message”: “Check your inputs. There was an Error in the Function”

Is it also possible to change the Headline from within the function?
Properties like "headlinePath" are not available in the App :frowning:

Is it possible to send also Customized Error Messages to the App?
Changing the type in the message in the Function had no effect.
I was only able to send error when raising an Exception in the Function like this:

raise Exception(f’Error in Workflow! Check your inputs. ')

Can someone point me to the correct properties in the Function & App?
Or are such things not possible atm?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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