Custom edit rights and custom access to app pages in one single app

Hi all,

my general idea is the following: Provide access to one app to two different groups of users. The groups differ regarding page access and edit rights in this app.

  1. Is it possible to restrict one of these groups from seeing certain pages within the app? If so, how?

  2. Is it possible to grant table edit rights to only one of these two groups? By that, I do not only mean that these users cannot edit the table technically (based on their role/rights settings in the One Data user management) but also that they cannot even see / click on the “edit” button for improved usability.

I am aware that I could create a second app with a few modifications, but I’m interested in solutions to do this in one app to avoid confusion on user side (different access links etc.) and to reduce maintenance effort.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Laura,
you could use the System Variables within Apps for this.
With some Datatable and a Hidden Filter in the Background you could maybe change a Horizontal Navigation Element so some Pages are not reachable for certain users.
With this Table you could also add a Custom CSS which would hide the Edit Table Button for certain users.
The CSS could look like that:
#table_container_name–round {display:none;}


I have asked a similar question before here: User access to App pages - Apps (Frontend) / Apps Builder - One Data Community

For the solution with variables and CSS I would refer to the concerns Kai raised in his reply.


Unfortunately the user management in Apps does not support that. Hence, you can only do some kind of workarounds or have one App for each user group.

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