Create nested containers in an App


Is it possible to create two containers, so that container A (let’s suppose, an HTML image), contains container B (let’s say, some text), so that the text of container B is shown on the HTML image of container A?

If this is possible, then how would I go ahead to do it?

Hi DanyEle,

As far as I know we do not support nested containers in our Layout options.
But there might be some workarounds for this.
You can either place one Element above another in fixed and flexGrid. With the text laying above the image, you can make the background of you text transparent and thus have a text above an image.
Or, another option is, you create your own nested container with an HTML Element. For this you could use something like: <div style='background-image:url(...)><div>Text</div></div>.

I hope this helps.

Best regards