Connection failed

Dear Community,

On an OD Instance we set-up two connections to the same underlying DB (MSSQL).

Connection details are the same as well the Credentials to connect to the DB.

From one of the connections we created some Data Tables that are used in WF/PL.

When test the connections after a while, the one from which we created the Data Tables failed with an "Login failed for user xyz error, while the other connection with the same credentials succeeded.

Any hints why the one connection failed and the other works and how to solve to bring the connection were we get the Data Tables also to work again?



too many open connections (not OD connections but actual active sessions by any sort of application) to the same database? Database management systems typically have a (configurable) maximum of connections that can be open at a time.
This may be an issue that the customer needs to solve and not necessarily a problem with ONE DATA.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Servus Stefan,

thanks for the answer. That maight be the reason. The DB is frequented from several applications.

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