Connect PowerBI to ONE DATA


we want to move an excel calculation model to ONE DATA.
In a first step, we want to focus on transferring the model and keep the existing reports in PowerBI.

Has anybody ever delivered results to PowerBI with ONE DATA?
What interfaces/APIs did you use?

Thank you

Hi Magy,
I have never done this myself yet, but I think a good way could be something this: Pushing Streaming Data to Microsoft Power BI for Data Visualization Using Python | Nicholas Nadeau, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Hi Magy,

we once did something similar.
There we inserted our results from a ONE DATA workflow to a MSSQL table that was connected to the PowerBI Report. The integration between Power BI and MSSQL is quite simple and we used a Python Script to write the results to the MSSQL table.
If you want some more information about that you could approach me.


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