Column content doesn't respond to the column width specified in the table config

Dear community,

I have a table element, where I have specified the column width. Although, the width appears to only be applied on the table header but not the table content. Is there any other config that I am missing?

The config looks like this:

"config": {
    "columns": [
        "name": "actions",
        "actions": [....],
        "label": "EXECUTE",
        "type": "actions",
        "width": "20%"
        "name": "check_rule_name",
        "label": "CHECK RULE"
        "name": "last_executed",
        "label": "EXECUTED ON"
        "name": "result",
        "escapeHtml": false,
        "label": "RESULT"

Hi Sanika,

has this problem been resolved?
When trying this out in my test App it seems to work.

Best regards