Collect usage data logs in an App

Hi all,

I have an app where the navigation occurs via HTML elements and using so-called “Breadcrumbs”, and I would like to collect usage statistics for it in terms of:

  • Number of times each page is accessed in a week
  • Number of users that have opened the app in a week
  • Number of users currently online

Is this possible with our apps, and if yes is there any standard “template” to achieve this? (i.e., I think of invoking a function whenever a certain HTML url is opened to track the number of times a page is accessed)

CC @ThomasZ @daniel.kempter

Hi DanyEle,
you could have a look at the execute-on-load custom-component. This component has no visualization and triggers an endpoint when the page with the hidden component is loaded, it’s also possbile to generate an unique ID for each exectuion.
I hope this can help you.
You can also approach me if you have questions on the CC.

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Thanks! Going to use that CC in our app for our purpose of monitoring accesses to single pages.

Further details on this topic: Convert UTC timestamp to CET without using Python/R - #5 by DanyEle