Charts get blank when table is filtered

I have an app where there are charts at the top and one table below.
They all access the same data table.
When I filter the table the charts go blank and only when I reload the page I can bring them back.
I also added a separate datasouce element for the charts without any effect.
Do you have any ideas, why that issue might occur?

Are there any warnings/errors in the console (F12)?

these are the only ones I get

Assuming that you did not configure the series in the charts, this is known behavior. The charts blank out until you do something in the app that reloads them, e.g. changing to a different page.

The underlying missing feature is requested here (and also contains a possible work-around): Variable transformation: to json list

indeed, configuring the series solved the issue

For future reference, just putting here the complete code we used in the chart to fix the issue:

"config": {

  "plotOptions": {
      "series": {
        "dataLabels": {
          "enabled": true
        "animation": false
    "series": [
        "name": "column_y",
        "columnName": "column_y"
        "name": "column_x",
        "columnName": "column_x"