Change datatype in data tables view

Dear all,

when working in data tables in ONE DATA, I have the option to assign datatypes to my columns as well as get recommended types or apply general representations to all columns (see screenshot 1) but there are other tables for which I cannot do that (see screenshot 2):

It seems this is only possible for the csv (legacy) data tables and not for parquet, nor for datatables from connections. Is there a reason for this? And how can the datatypes for parquet be defined otherwise?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Viola,

yes you are right. That is only possible on csv data tables because for them, we can change the representation, without rewriting the entire file. Regarding parquet files and connections, we decided against it, as we would need to rewrite the entire data table (that can take time, performance and storage). If you want to change the types for them, you need to do that in a workflow.

I hope that answers your question.