Can we upload file without header via OD connection?

Dear OneData Experts,
Do we have any option or functionality that we can choose weather we need Table HEADER or not while upload csv/excel file via *ONE DATA CONNECTION ? Any suggestion!!

For example :
One of our customer gets csv file from their partner company on regular basis.And they upload those file to OD via connection.And as the same file is already there they just want to append new data without header.

So is there any way to do this with OD?

AFAIK there is no such functionality natively on OD.

If the goal to have the data on OD and you’re getting the file via CONNECTION wouldn’t it make sense to do the appending directly on OD?

The customer replaces the csv in the in the connection every day/week/month → Once this happens they start a workflow which loads this data and appends it to an existing data table

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It is suggested to use a “Python-Script Data Generator” processor to read more complicated CSV files. Instead of FILESYSTEM OD connections. Details can be found here: Reading CSV Files with the Python Script Data Generator Processor : Service Desk & Manuals