Automatically update FaaS User Environment for multiple functions

I have an App with multiple (~20) FaaS Endpoints. To share Python Code across all FaaS functions, I am using User Environments. How can I update the Python Code in this environment without having too much manuell efforts?

I’ve already found out, that I can simply upload a new image with the same name:tag of the previous version (as potential workaround). However, in order to have the already existing functions executed with the latest environment, I need to redeploy them (i.e., change one line of code and click on save & deploy). I consider this as very error prone, as I need to click through all functions and perform some actions.

Did anyone already write a small script that updates the environment of all functions within a project?
Is there a better/more efficient way to update the Python script inside the User Environment? Maybe a native One Data feature?

ODC did sth in that direction in their init workflow/PL.
Have a look at the <prefix>[ADMIN] Set environment and deploy all Functions workflow. You can probably reuse major parts of the function threre.

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Thanky you very much, that seems to be exactly what I was looking for. Now I can finetune an already invented wheel :slight_smile: