Are ressources shared across the Use Case and the Data Hub module?

Hey there,

I am wondering whether ressources are shared across the Use Cases and the Data Hub module or if they are completely separated?
We had the issue that the performance of WFs in a project in the Use Case module were highly affected by another WF that loaded and processed big amounts of data (Should only take < 5 minutes but it ran more than 30 minutes). I thought that this would also have an impact on another WF that was triggered in a project in the Data Hub module but this did not seem to be the case. Hence, this raises the question, whether the resources are shared or separated between the Use Cases and the Data Hub module.

Hi Tim,

under the hood there is no strong separation between the different modules. Modules are mostly a visual separation. If your projects in the different modules use the same Spark Execution Context then it is obvious that they influence each other in terms of performance.


Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your answer. I am just suprised as it seems that the big WF blocks some WFs, but others seem to not be affected at all and finish without problems.
Can anything be said to this behavior? Is it due to the structure or special ressources that are shared between some WFs but not from others?