Are references updated when file/folder is renamed?

Dear App-builders,
I am new to working with the folder-structure in the Apps-builder. I want to know if all references of a file/folder are updated in the app, when I change a certain file/folder-name.
From first sight this seems to be the case for things like the placement of elements and containers after renaming the file containing the element.
However I had a case, where I use the navigation-cell custom-component and the goToPage config was not updated after renaming folder and file the page was in.


Hello, yes the references are automatically adjusted when renaming a file or when moving a file to another folder. If that is not working for specific properties then it is a bug.

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Thanks for your answer, is there also a suggestion or best-practices about how to reference resources in Apps?
From my (maybe with limited knowledge here) point of view there is no major advantage of referencing apps-objects by the path (instead of the previously used and still existing ID). I see it more as a way to help app-builders to structure the content of my app in a more user-friendly way as one does with other kind of code right?

Yes, the main purpose of folders is to allow structuring.
Using paths instead of IDs is more like it is done in software development.
The ID needs to be explicitly set, but the path is always available and unique. So one property less to be specified.
Furthermore, when copying stuff from one App to another you could end up with duplicated usage of the same ID, but not paths.

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