Apps - Error required element missing


within my app i get following error:

/default/newFile.type (#/elements/4)
$.elements[4].config: is missing but it is required

“default” is a folder i created. “newFile.type” is nothing that I created nor is it visible.
Can someone explain how to figure out what elements[4] is? I understand the Json notation but I do not know how to apply it to my files because there is not directly a path $.elements[4] (maybe due to the folder structure).

I get also a comparable error for a other element:
/default/newFile.type (#/elements/4)
$.elements[4].renderer: is missing but it is required

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Copying the APP.JSON and paste it to a new App can fix such problems.
If pasting does not work properly in 2022.Q4 release then it might be required to add the line "":{}, to the APP.JSON.

Fixed in Apps Client Version 10.0.0,
which is included in the internal.6 release
and will be included in the official 2023.Q1 Release.