Append to the same data table twice in a workflow

Hi *,

In a workflow I’m trying to write to a log data table at two different positions (basically at the beginning and at the end).

For this I’m using a data table save processor that uses “Append” with the same target data table (a parquet-based table).

Unfortunately I’m always getting a “Saving Metadata failed” error when I try this.

Therefore the question: Is it not possible to append to the same data table twice within a workflow? If it is possible, what am I doing wrong?


I would recommend to use Production Lines to execute such loggings. One WF to start the logging, one WF to execute everything and one WF to end the logging.
I guess it is not possible to save the same table twice in a workflow (at least I am experiencing the same type of error)

It’s not really possible currently. OD assumes that a Data Table is only touched by one Data Table Save inside a workflow when updating its internal metadata about the Data Table after the workflow was executed (so physically it might have even worked).