App Builder: 400 BAD_REQUEST

Dear App Builders,

Version: ONE DATA Apps | Client Version 1.78.0, Server Version 1.58.2

I receive an 400 BAD_REQUEST from the console for my user only on a specific Domain on my instance (Demo2) in the App Builder.
I can’t view any existing apps nor add new apps.
The App Viewer in this Domain works.
For all other Domains access works as usual.
The user is Admin on the Domain (Core OD).

Any hint’s how to solve it?


unfortunately I don’t have an idea right away what could cause this problem. If I understood it correctly, the error is shown in the Chrome Developer Console and not in the App Builder Console?
If so, could you please post the payload of the request here? You can find it following these steps:

  1. Open ONE DATA with Google Chrome
  2. Press F12. The Developer Console opens.
  3. Change to the Network tab at the top of the developer console
  4. Login with your credentials and navigate to that specific domain
  5. There should be now a request with status code 400. Click it.
  6. At the bottom of the requests details, there is a section Request payload. Click view source

Could you please post the payload here?



Dear Matthias,
thanks for the reply.
The instance had an restart in the meantime, which resolved probably the issues.
So I can’t reproduce the issue again and sent the payload.
Will take your instruction into account, if the issue appears again.

Thanks for support.