Alternative Text for Highcharts element if filter would lead to an empty chart

I am using a Highcharts Funnel visualization in my App in combination with a dropdown filter. The chart provides some insights over certain business problems. This all works well in general.

There might be the case that we set a filter value for which everything the funnel displays is zero, i.e., there is no business problem existing and all values that would be shown in the chart are 0. This is correct in a technical perspective but for the user, it is very hard to understand. The funnel is not displayed and only the legend is shown with values 0. As the legend is very small, there is a lot of whitespace. For the user, it seems that something is wrong with the App and there was a problem during loading.

Is there a way to replace the highcharts element if the funnel would be empty by some default text. Such that the user has the impression, everything works as expected and she can see the reason no funnel is shown?

Hi Kai, if there is no default solution, you could display a text via css and hide the “0”. The text could contain anything you want.