Add view-only user to ONE DATA

Hi, I would like to add a user to a ONE DATA instance so that they can just view Workflows, Use Cases, Production Lines, Data Tables and not modify them.

Should I create a new group or domain to do that?

  • Create a new user group for that user
  • Create a new rights group
  • Add the user in the new group and add the group with the new rights to your project
  • Create a test user and test everything

You would need domain admin rights for that

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Thanks, initially I could not find how to assign a new user group and rights to a project, but after a little bit of search I found it by navigating on:

“Navigation” → “Settings” → “Project Settings”

Then, I had to click on the “Change Project Access” icon:


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Changing the user groups of a project is unfortunatelly well hidden if you’re not the owner of the project