Access values of the current row in table

Hi, I want to filter a drop down (valueOptions) in a table column based on some values in the different rows. To do so, I plan to use sourceOptions of the valueOptions. Is there a possibility to access the current row with its values within these sourceOptions? I tried the {{row}} variable and other variables that are available in custom components executed in a table, but I wasnt lucky. Has somebody an idea how to correctly fill “current_row_column_A_value” in the following code?

      "valueOptions": [
          "column": "description",
          "source": "attributes_dd_ds",
          "valueColumn": "attribute_label",
          "labelColumn": "attribute_label",
          "sourceOptions": {
            "$sql": {
              "type": "string",
              "value": " SELECT attribute_label FROM inputTable WHERE attribute_value= '{{ current_row_column_A_value }}' "
          "syncSets": []

All cells of all rows share the same instance of the dataSource that gets the sourceOptions passed in to it, so this would not work.

What you can do is to use the “syncedOptions”-configuration to filter the available values of one column by the currently selected value of another one.