Access system variables in apps


Is it possible to somehow access system variables, especially the time variables (such as current date/time), directly from Apps?

Thanks for any hints!

Hey Matthias,

short answer: no, there is no way to access these variables (or use their content) inside Apps directly but only by executing a Workflow first. Such a workflow could consist of a CIT that has the system variables stored in its cells and forwards it to an App-accessible sink.
If it’s primarily about getting the current time/date inside an App, please consider using e.g. PostgreSQL’s NOW() function in a query against a data source. You can use other functions to format this value to your custom needs.

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Hi Flogge,

thanks a lot, this is a great trick! I found out that one can also use other functions like CURRENT_DATE. What I eventually used was:

SELECT to_char(CURRENT_DATE, 'DD.MM.YYYY') as date_string FROM inputTable

(as “sql” in the “dataOptions” of datasource that used a PostgreSQL data table)

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Hello Matthias,
nice to see that you found a solution.
Nevertheless maybe this info is related and informs you about upcoming things.
We are currently working to provide more system variables.
For example see a teaser of the new documentation below about newly available user variables.
They will be part in an upcoming release in September.
We also are already working to provide system variables about the current timestamp, so you do not need to go the SQL way but can use a more native way in Apps. This feature will then follow after the release of the user variables. You will find it in the docs of your instance at the same section like below once it was made available to your use case / instance.


Is the timestamp variable already available? I’ve tried some but did not find the correct wording, if it is already released.

Is there already an update on this? Are there more System Variables available? They ease up app building a lot