Access selected dates from DATETIME filter as global variable

Good morning,

I have implemented the following DATETIME filter in an app:


  "id": "ele_filter_selector_interval",
  "type": "filter",
  "source": "mySyncSet",
  "sourceOptions": {},
  "config": {
    "column": "date_access",
    "label": "Select an Interval manually:",
    "columnType": "DATETIME",
    "rangeFilter": true
  "columnStyles": [
      "name": "date_column",
      "datepicker": {
        "placeholder": {
          "format": "YYYY-MM-DD"
        "selectedDate": {
          "format": "YYYY-MM-DD"
  "syncSets": [
      "syncSetId": "mySyncSet",
      "applyFilters": false,
      "publishFilters": true

Question: How do I access the two picked dates in this DATETIME filter via a global variable?

Already tried the two following options, and neither worked. An empty value was returned.


For a normal string-based filter, the single selected value is usually available via the following syntax, but this didn’t work neither:


Tried searching on the apps’ documentation and couldn’t find anything about accessing selected values from a DATETIME filter.

CC @daniel.kempter @ThomasZ

Hello, the syntax would be as follows:
for the min value and for max respectively:


Thanks! Working indeed. When looking on the doku I also found this, but I thought this max and min referred to the maximum and minimum possible values in the range, not the selected dates.